Morning Affirmations

Since the beginning of the year I’ve been caught up in my own inner world – spinning stories in my head, daydreaming, and wiling away all my free time. It’s not a bad thing, really. Except I haven’t been leaving my mind enough empty space to stretch out and luxuriate in the silence. I haven’t taken the mental time to make real-world plans or to think out projects I am working on.

Do you ever do that? Fill your head so full of thoughts that your mind doesn’t have any space to process or plan? Why do we do that?

I knew I was getting stuck and turning inward upon myself, so when I drew my faery card for the month this past new moon and got a reversed Spirit Dancer, I wasn’t surprised.

This card, when right-side-up, represents self-expression, freedom, and exploration. She reminds us that our lives are just plain better if we can creatively express our inner worlds. The act of creating allows us to let some of that inner world, and our deepest self, out. The act of sharing our creation facilitates deeper connections. It allows others to get to know a deeper you than the mask you wear every day, and their interpretation of whatever you share might even shine back some new understanding about yourself.

When upside-down, this card means that you (I) have become entangled in your (my) own unexpressed mind, turned inward and self-obsessed. By not completing the creative cycle of sharing, you are (I am) disconnected and stagnant.

Through creative expression we can (if ever so briefly) remember that separation is an illusion and we are all part of the same Universe.

So…I’m trying to share more.

For example, I recently shared in a small group my struggle with getting mired inside my mind; how I am trying desperately to claw my way back to reality so that I can actually live in the present, be in the moment, get shit done, etc.

But I have been finding the task exceedingly difficult because, gosh darn it, the inside of my head is such a wonderous and magical place that I just don’t want to leave! Rose tints my world…

One person replied ever so gently that I should feel blessed that my inner world is beautiful. Most people do not have lovely and happy mental landscapes.

I can’t stop thinking about that. Is this true? It’s just so heartbreaking.

My inner world is my retreat, my escape pod when things get tough. What on earth would I do if the inside of my head were just as negative, destructive, judgmental, and downtrodden as the outside world can sometimes be?

I want to grab all the people whose inner world is negative, destructive, judgmental, and downtrodden and just give them all a big bear hug. I don’t have any advice. I think the best teacher is one who had to work for what they are teaching; who has had their own hero’s journey with lessons to draw upon. I have no hero’s journey for this. My inner world has always been magical; the hero’s journey for me is learning to be vulnerable enough to share it.

So I am trying to create more. Here: I made you this morning affirmation (it really works best just before the sun rises).

Find a quiet spot and get comfortable. Settle into your meditative stance and hit play.

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